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Extra divers diving center

Dive in new dimensions! Discover the beautiful underwater world of Sharm El Naga. Find the Sadana Island shipwreck, sunked in the 18th century. Brand new diving base is directly located in the unique Sharm El Naga National Park. More than 20 beautiful dive sites for beginners and experts. Only a few boat minutes away from the legendary Sadana Island shipwreck. Depth 35m - 45m. Limited number of divers (maximum 50 persons).

Diving Sharm EL Naga With Extra Divers

The bay and the reefs of Sharm el Naga are legendary, as they provide the perfect condition for spectacular diving experiences at the elongated fringing reef. From the shallow water area, steeply sloping up to 100 m in depth, the reef is a magical place where everything from macro up to large fish reside. Even sharks are not uncommon! The proximity to Shab Saiman might be a good argument for advanced divers to also stay in Sharm el Naga! Ras Abu Soma is only a stone's throw away, of course 'Tobia Arba' also belongs on the list of most dived sites!

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